Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I travelled across a bridge
that divides the people living in my city
Westgate Bridge is the link that binds us together
The East from the West
The factories and industry from high rise apartments
Differnces in where people live

It was early morning when I set out
Not by choice, but necessity
8 lanes of traffic
trucks,vans,utes and cars
It was windy ,speed reduced to 40kph.
Trucks ingnore these signs sometimes
As they roared past me
I had to hold tight to the wheel.

Then the 100 kph zone loomed up
I needed to keep up otherwise I would be tooted
I could be classed as dangerous for driving under this speed
Thirty minutes later I arrived at the turn off the freeway
Green gardens and houses with trees could be seen
People lived here in this newer area
Shops,schools ,there is a community
families with small children on there way to school
or kindergarden
Life was on the go.

Three hours later after my visit, I set off for home
Once again toward the Westgate bridge for the crossing
As I reached the top of the bridge the sea came into view
white capped waves straddled the bay
Then......into view came the pier near my home
Berthed was a gigantic cruise ship
taking up 2 places on the longest pier in Victoria
The bow seemed to reach out into the bay

All white with blue trim on the funnel
not a cut off design like some ferrys
but sleek and with a pointed bow
Then it disappeared from view as I took the turn off road
I decided to drive to where I could see HER (all ships are female)
As I sat in my small car I felt like an ant
as she towered above the buildings where she was tied up

I think there is nothing more exciting than watching
a ship set to sail
Standing as she leaves the wharf/pier assisted by 2 tugs
just enough to guide her into the channel
I felt excited ,just like when I was a child
In those days 30's 40's 50's as many as a dozen ships a week
Cargo was then unloaded by wharf labourers
Uncles,cousins and friends of our family
Those going to war,migrants arriving in a new land

Again I reminis and know that the past
is so much a part of the now
I thank my Mum & Dad for allowing me come back
to the home we all shared
I love to see others enjoying such a journey
But for me I can be happy just to live
here, that which I call home,
My North, my South, my East my West
This is my Lemuria.

Lois (Muse of the Sea) 12.4.06


At 2:44 PM, Blogger Heather Blakey said...

This is just fabulous Lois. Melbourne has so many different faces and your passion for Port never diminishes. It is wonderful that you share that passion here.

At 7:38 PM, Blogger Chameleon said...

Delightful, Lois.


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