Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm really looking forward to learning all about Melbourne...and I thought maybe you'd like the chance to learn a little about where I live.

I live near Seattle, Washington and I hope that after you read this you'll understand why I love it so and what exactly it is I see in it:

So, you wonder, how does Anita see Seattle?
I'm glad you asked...

These are four little reasons I love Seattle and here on my list you just might find a reason why you might want to visit it someday...that is if this doesn't scare you off.

Reason I love Seattle #1

In the old days when the tide came in all the toilets would explode. That's why the bathrooms were built high up off the foundations.

Reason I love Seattle #2

This is our Trolley Car. I loved this thing because when it passed over the street
(Which is my warehouse ceiling) it would make the ground shake, cement bits would fall from the walls and the mortar holding the bricks together would poof out just like little puffs of smoke.

The part I enjoyed was when people would scream, 'what is that an earthquake?' and I'd say something like 'no, don't be silly it's just really big rats in the walls'.

Also, I put this here because this baby was made in...



don't ask me, how it got here. My guess is someone in our transportation system got drunk and won it in a card game.

No, I'm NOT kidding.

Reason I love Seattle #3
This is the building I work in...well, under. This photo was taken in the 1940's and by this time the building was a little over 30 years old. I only mention it because my Great Grandmother was convinced it was haunted. She use to tell us that the only thing more haunted then that building was the ground they built it on.

Whatever made her believe that happened around the time this picture was taken.

That's no lie.

Reason I love Seattle #4
We consider this art in Seattle

Enough said for now, but this is my own private Tour of Seattle and I'd love to have you come along again soon.

(images collected from the internet)


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