Thursday, November 02, 2006

Serenity amidst the chaos

These are the only photographs I managed to take during the hectic 3 day school thing we had at Baguio City.

Its known as the summer capital of the Philippines because of its cold weather. It was even more of a delight to visit in October as it gets really cold when it rains. When you've lived in the hot humid zone of the city (36-43 degrees) freezing weather is a welcome respit.

Oh, these serene view is enough to tempt me to consider becoming a Good Shepherd nun. Now there's just the matter of getting accepted into the congregation. I wonder if they'd welcome a flamboyant pantheist into their quiet community. A-ha-ha!

My friends and I went to the Good Shepherd Seminary for a rest stop and to buy some of their famous pastries and fruit preserves. It just occured to me now that it would've been great to include a picture of such goodies but it is now day four since my arrival from Baguio ang the goodies are all gone. My sister just picked up her pasalubong (treats that friends and family bring back from the place they had a holiday. Its a Filipino tradition) yesterday. Next time then.

We had to leave on the last day of the seminar even though we would've wanted to stay another day. I'm glad we did. A storm came in a couple of hours after our 5:20PM bus left.


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